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Launched in 2010, Czech-based record label Forbidden Society Recordings has played host to some of the finest drum & bass producers from across the globe, including Audio, Donny, Receptor, Current Value, Counterstrike, Task Horizon and Forbidden Society himself. Initially inspired by the heavier and harder end of the scale, Forbidden Society Recordings is ambitious enough to run the gamut of styles and incarnations that the scene has to offer, promising a thrilling ride through the spectrum of drum & bass. Forbidden Society Recordings is undoubtedly a rising star in the world of broken beats and rib-rattling basslines.

Having worked with a range of artists, from local Czech producers right through to the worldwide A-list of drum & bass, Forbidden Society has curated a brand that music fans and promoters the world over are more than keen to get involved with. Starting out in Prague, selling out 800 people events Forbidden Society Recordings has run label nights across Europe, in Japan and at arguably the biggest electronic music festival in their own country, Let It Roll Festival. And one thing is for certain, label boss Forbidden Society is always pushing himself and his musical vision to the very limits.

Forbidden Society Recordings is about doing things properly. With the thriving events brand, merchandise and the stunning audio-visual content that the label produces, including the lauded ‘Metalcast’ podcast, it’s clear to see that this is a label which is always pushing itself to bring something new each time. Forbidden Society Recordings is about offering something fresh that is previously unheard and unseen. A fact that its legions of fans around the world appreciate about the imprint; there is a sense of vision that cannot be denied whenever you see a product put out by Forbidden Society.

And while the label is clearly about more than just the music, it’s there where everything starts. Forbidden Society Recordings has achieved a huge amount in a very short space of time. Having racked up a series of devastating tracks which have notched up support from the DJ elite such as Ed Rush & Optical, Teddy Killerz, Excision, John B, Bailey, Crissy Criss, and Neonlight, the dance floor power of a Forbidden Society release is unquestionable. From the metal-infused sampler to the ‘Threshold’ LP ‘We Don’t Give A Fcuk’ by Forbidden Society & Receptor to the rolling neurofunk of Audio’s ‘Burn It Down’ Forbidden Society Recordings can rightfully claim their place as one of the scene’s most consistent labels, delivering high quality D&B with each and every release.

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