Forbidden Society Recordings @ Let It Roll 2017 / label night promo mix (by Forbidden Society)

Published On Friday July 21st, 2017 |

Czech born label called Forbidden Society Recordings is coming back to the biggest drum and bass festival ever, Let It Roll. You can expect the hardest stuff drum and bass actually offers – Neonlight, Forbidden Society, Katharsys, Hallucinator, Donny, Counterstrike, Robyn Chaos, Trilo, Symplex. The czech killer and head of label Forbidden Society himself prepared warm up promo mix for you. Go and listen to his damn mix with not yet released tracks going out this autumn. We are looking forward for you on Friday 08/04/2017 on Forbidden Society Recordings Label Night at Let It Roll.

FB event: Let It Roll 2017


1.Forbidden Society – Street Justice (The Clamps Remix)
2.Synergy – Let It Roll
3.Katharsys – Discipline
4.Neonlight – Microbots
5.Forbidden Society – Sellout (Counterstrike Remix)
6.Forbidden Society – BWM
7.Black Sun Empire Prolix – No Advance
8.Gydra – Noise Of The Machine
9.Forbidden Society – Street Justice
10.Phace – So Excited
11.Forbidden Society – Heavy Metal Tank (Donny Remix)
12.Forbidden Society – Can´t be soft (Counterstrike Remix)
13.A.M.C & The Clamps – Prince of Darkness
14.Audio – Burn It Down
15.Forbidden Society – Stay True To The Game
16.Forbidden Society – Outlaw
17.Forbidden Society & Coppa – Shots
18.Forbidden Society – 101
19.Zombie Cats – Dimension
20.Katharsys – Subsiders
21.Katharsys – No End For The Darkness (Forbidden Society Remix)
22.Neonlight – Triple B
23.Hallucinator – Voodoo
24.Merikan – Superficial Extent
25.Maniatics – Fight The Might
26.Pythius, Optiv & CZA – Battlecruiser
27.Optiv & BTK – Scientist (featuring MC Fokus) (Forbidden Society RMX)
28.Agressor Bunx – Radical Sound
29.Noisia – Voodoo (Outer Edges VIP)
30.Mefjus, Insideinfo. The upbeats – Footpath
31.Proxima – Closely
32.Alix Perez – Gully Halves
33.Forbidden Society – The Last Tone (Fall VIP)


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