Pirate Station Phoenix Forbidden Society Promo Mix

Published On Tuesday January 29th, 2019 |

I have the honour to play again at the legendary Pirate Station in Russia – St.Petersburg on 8th of March 2019. This is a promo mix i did for this great indoor festival, added some exclusive dubz from the label. I hope you like it!:)

Pirate Station Phoenix 8/3/2019 St.Petersburg – Forbidden Society Promo Mix

01.Forbidden Society – Demon Shogun (Agressor Bunx Remix)
02.3RDKND – The Artifact (Audio Remix)
03.Merikan – Reverse Coded
04.3RDKND – Fire & Blood
05.Forbidden Society – Street Justice (The Clamps Remix)
06.Signal – 2ME
07.Forbidden Society – Armor
08.Inward, Hanzo, Randie – Bloom (Gydra Remix)
09.Forbidden Society – Street Justice (Fragz Remix)
10.Misanthrop & Synergy- Slap The Ghost
11.Forbidden Society – Benga (Maztek Remix)
12.Phace – 2051 (feat. Subtension)
13.Neonlight – Triple B (Black Sun Empire Remix)
14.Counterstrike – Mindfuck (Donny remix)
15.InsideInfo – Lost It
16.3RDKND – Panger
17.The Outside Agency & N-Vitral – The Ultimate Hunter
18.3RDKND – Fire & Blood (Abis Remix)
19.Forbidden Society – Sellout (Counterstrike Remix)
20.Black Sun Empire – Crash Drive (Agressor Bunx Remix)
21.Optiv & BTK – Shredder (Inward, Hanzo & Randie Remix)
22.Forbidden Society – Sellout (Inward x Hanzo x Randie Remix)
23.Forbidden Society – Skullcrawler (Deathmachine Remix)
24.East Kingdom vs Katharsys – In The Dark
25.3RDKND – The Upsidedown
26.N-Vitral – Welcome to the Killzone 2016
27.3RDKND – Remnant
28.3RDKND – Cognitive
29.Donny & Forbidden Society – Creator & Destroyer (3RDKND Remix)
30.Current Value – Evac

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