New Punk & Rust EP is OUT NOW

Published On Friday June 24th, 2016 |
FSRECS011: FORBIDDEN SOCIETY – Punk & Rust EP Straight out of the Czech Republic Forbidden Society returns with a roaring EP of turbo-charged drum & bass that follows a brief hiatus since his juggernaut ‘Thronecrusher’ LP of early 2015. Three tracks of blistering tech-infused madness, hold on tight! “I am an open-minded person and I just love music in general – good music, from D&B, electro, techno, metal, punk – it just needs to have energy and drive for me. When I was young I listened to lots of punk and metal until a friend played me a tape with some early rave on it. After that I began to DJ with vinyl at underground raves and squat parties around CZ. When I first started producing my own tracks I was into digital hardcore, but I got really excited when I discovered drum & bass producers like Ed Rush and Technical Itch. The sound they were pioneering was incredible and I became more and more interested in making my own take on it.” “After a year and half since my ‘Thronecrusher LP’ hit I’m so happy to present my brand new 3-track ‘Punk & Rust’ EP on my own Forbidden Society Recordings. The tunes are inspired by my love of early hip-hop and punk, really heavy. Maybe not for every ear but I was on a studio vibe and this is what came out! Had so much fun producing it and it’s kind of got back that energy of my early production days. New PC, new Daw, new music. After a little break I’m back on it! Hope you enjoy, lots more to come!” Forbidden Society 2016 BUY LINKS STREAM OR: Forbidden Society tour dates: Book Forbidden Society here: Forbidden Society Recordings : Web: Facebook: Soundcloud: Twitter: Youtube: Forbidden Society : Facebook: Soundcloud: Twitter: Instagram: Ello: