Never realeased stuff out now (free download)

The head of Forbidden Society Recordings, Forbidden Society himself decided to putting out unreleased tracks for free download. He has been making bass music for almost 18 years and since a lot of tracks were never released. He thinks it is a good idea all his fans can see his never shown past.

It is about multi genre bass music made from 2001 to 2013. But don ´t worry, the past doesn ´t mean it is something lighter, Forbbiden has been making that hard stuff since his beginning, so it is going to make your mind blow. You are going to hear stuff from Hard, Dark, Technoid, Amen up to Dark Ambient with 125 – 190 beats per minute. None from this was adjusted, so the sound is corresponding with the period in which was created.

Make up your mind and compare the past of Forbidden Society with the present.

Free download:

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