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Label Forbidden Society Recordings first came into light in October 2010 as an independent project of Czech producer Jindřich Brejcha. Jindřich, known better under his original pseudonym of Forbidden Society, decided at the time to fully dedicate his time to producing music and as a consequence of this he wanted to have all matters firmly in his own hands. And so the label emerged maybe as a kind of a protest against the existing and traditional way of releasing his own music. He did not wish to obey the orders of others, he wanted to be his own man.

This article should not only give a brief overview of those almost nine years of label’s existence, it should also be a way to celebrate them because it’s this process of Jindřich’s individualization that brought forth a big name that can proudly stand among other renowned and foreign recording companies.

The first official release under the newly established label was a collaboration with German producer Current ValueBirth Cycle / Control that came out in 2011. Tim Eliot aka Current Value is an innovator in the field of dark and for many an ear unpleasant sounds, his music is unconventional, original and most of all inspirational and that’s why it is also appreciated by many. Name like Current Value is surely hard to overlook in the world of broken beats and apart from the fact that this collaboration’s result were two great tracks, both carrying a distinct handwriting of both their authors in the perfect harmony of their typical genre disharmony, this collective act was most definitely also a way to assert its position beyond the borders of Czech Republic, to strengthen it.

Release no.2 came forth the same year. This time it was a collaboration with the pioneers of unmelodious sounds, the French duo Katharsys. And as was the way for the release before it, this one was also included both on vinyl and digital. Track no.1, fittingly named Redeemer, indeed offers for those of you listening carefully, a path towards salvation beyond the gates of hell.

Second and bonus track is a remix of Extreme, a collaboration with South African project Counterstrike. Previously mentioned and glorified Berliner Current Value is again the author behind this fashionable rework. And as was the case with track number one, this cheerful tune is also an exemplary ride on the hellish rollercoasters and a taste of bacchanalia that await us in the afterlife.

If we count properly, five releases saw the light of day in 2011 which means that we can without much ado mark it as one of the most prolific and essential years in the label’s history. The ears of listeners were blessed with yet another collaboration with KatharsysLords of the Steel and another remix by Current ValueDestiny Eden. There also came out a single Burn / War Ensemble as Jindřich’s own solo venture.

The first year of label’s existence was rightly and properly concluded with a collaboration, evil and sinful as they come, with Spanish duo Dub Elements, whose aggressive cadence would put even the Devil himself in the corner trembling.

The year of 2012 was the year of Forbidden Society himself. In June there came out the LP To The Threshold. The cover artwork was a collective venture between Austrian artist Kristof Subvert and manga cartoonist Kikai. The full album has thirteen tracks including the legendary banger Cobra which is still played in many sets by many djs from those virtually unknown in small clubs to those highly acclaimed on the stages of Let It Roll.

Talented Russian twin project Gancher & Ruin did a remix of track number eight Destroy The Icon and there is also a now standard collaboration with Katharsys or on the contrary non-standard collaboration with Dutch duo Sinister Souls on the album as well.

The track concluding this album – Big Mouth – is a delicious cherry on top. Under the guise of his second and lesser known project Pornotrasher is again mr. Forbidden Society himself but this time with a music that is more melodic, more suited for the dancefloor.

EP Resist The Pressure was released on December 10th 2012 as an early but more than welcomed Christmas gift. The name Resist The Pressure itself maybe tries to urge its listeners to abandon traditional values and pressure in the form of Christmas Eve dinner with the family in favor of some Christmas Eve rave with the friends, but maybe the thought behind it is a little more abstract and prods to bigger individuality of an individual in relation to his exterior. Who knows.

When it comes to the musical side of things, the four-track EP is home to the legendary act, shall we even say megahit – Bodycount. Jindřich himself still to this date incorporates this gem in many of his sets and is rightfully proud of it. But don’t ask him for recipe for as the chef himself  says – “I still to this date don’t know what happened in my head and how I made the track. People ask me about it but I just don’t know (laughter)!”

And you can hear the famed dnb orator MC Coppa on track number three, Hurtlocker. That’s it for the year 2012, let’s move using our time machine to the year 2013.

The shiniest and consequently the only light that truly glowed throughout the third year of label’s existence was a real big thing. Something amazing and extraordinary happened indeed. Audio himself released his track Burn It Down on the label. At Polish Let It Roll in 2013 Gareth gave Jindřich a CD with the track and also his blessing to release it. This was of course unprecedented and further helped the recording company to secure its place in the label hall of fame.

2014 could be labeled as the least productive year in the history of the label but doing so would not be totally justified. Because even artists need regeneration and rest. Jindřich spent most of 2014 working on his next album that saw the light of day the following year. Its name was Thronecrusher and talented designer Benjamin Louise made the cover for it. From the wide range of quality and original tracks we need to mention first and foremost at least the opening track – Boycott. The track was praised and honored by being included in their respective sets by such names as Audio or the neurofunk father figure Ed Rush.

In 2016 EP Punk & Rust was released with three tracks on it – NYC Punk, Sellout and Street Justice. Katharsys also made their debut with their first independent release, the EP Discipline. From this EP we will highlight the apocalyptic appetizer in the form of banger called Dead Never Stay Dead.

Destruction Funk is the name of EP that came out just last year. Apart from three solo tracks, there is also a remix of the proper classic No End For The Darkness by Katharsys.

And now we finally reach the point where we need to speak about the biggest collaborative venture this label has seen up until now. 3RDKND, the third kind, chimera made from three parts. The first is Hugo, one part of Katharsys, the second the young but nonetheless talented British producer Donny and of course the third and last part is Jindřich himself. This three-headed beast, the Cerberus of hard and dark drum and bass, came to light in the half-forgotten world of the rising sun when our trio was slowly trudging back to the hotel after playing their respective sets at the Prague festival Imagination in the fall of 2017. The spark of an idea was ignited and not to be ever put out. Donny mumbled “we need to collab” and a few months later this became the very case.

Their first EP came out this May and the fan’s reactions and reviews were for the most part great. Behind such strange concepts as Military or Experimental step there is only the new, genuine and most of all modern mutation of the good ol’ techniques.

Gentlemen played together as 3RDKND for the first time this summer on Let It Roll summer festival. The joint set was three hours long and under the Forbidden Society Recordings label night. Another joint set came later that summer celebrating the ninth birthday of Moravian record label Hoofbeats. There await other dates in the future most definitely.

In November this year the trio will release their second EP Cognitive. There will be remixes by such big names on the scene as Abis, Audio or Merikan.

Forbidden Society Recordings is mostly about music but it’s not the label’s one and only specialization. There is also a fashion venture called Forbidden Wear. The design is mostly darker in tone, minimalist and in simple black and white colors. You can snatch your own piece here!

There are collaborations in this fashion world too. The newest one with Emperor is now available to buy as well.

As for Jindřich’s plans for the future, as he is a big fan of the deep, sophisticated side of drum and bass, he will soon finish another EP in this style. The first successful guinea pig was The Depths EP released in September last year. The pure and unprecedented deep can be heard primarily on the first track of the EP, Demon Shogun. Other tracks on this mini album are not however far behind and all of them accurately illustrate Jindřich’s versatility and musicality.

Well and lastly we cannot forget to mention regular label shows happening throughout the whole of Czech Republic and even in foreign countries. FS Recordings had the chance to represent its flag in countries such as Austria, France, The Netherlands, Poland and even in such far away regions as Australia or Japan.

The nearest shows will happen:

12th of October in Sedan (FR), club L’atout Disco-Tech.

10th of November in Bratislava (SK), club Refinery Gallery.

30th of November in Ostrava (CZ), club Fabric.

Author Eliška Sekáčová