Five questions for Audio about Beats for Love 2019

Published On Thursday May 30th, 2019 |

7th annual phenomenal festival of electronic music Beats for Love in Ostrava which happens at the beginning of July is getting ever closer. Fans can look forward to Forbidden Society Recordings Label Night on drum&bass stage, which will host Forbidden Society with killer djs Katharsys (FR) and Donny (UK),all of which perform together as a unique project called 3RDKND.What is more, there is yet another huge name which means a lot to all the fans who like their music dark and heavy, and that is Audiohimself.

How does Audio see Czech fan base? How does he approach to his mixes and how many tattoos does he have? Jindřich Brejcha prepared these questions and more for Audio, and all the festival goers can be pretty sure to see a proper fire show!

Gareth, what do you think of a Czech fan base? Is it really as active and supportive as it seems? Are Czech fans special in any way?

Good question, I think that the Czech Republic is now like a second home for all things drum&bass. Czech ravers are always ready for new musical ideas and push things forward in general. Also, there are a lot of great festivals and parties in here, so I really think this is a special place for drum&bass.


Is there a set that you have played in the Czech Republic, which was specific and special? Something you were really proud of?

Yes! It was my set in Storm on Forbidden Society Recordings Label Night in 2014. It was truly unbelievable. And my set at Beats for Lovelast year was epic as well.

You are right, your sets at both places were amazing! Beats 4 Lovefestival takes place in a really unique industrial area. Do you adjust your set and mixes according to a place where you play? How?

 I don’t adjust my selection or the way I mix according to the environment. I just play the way I feel is best. I play hard music in a hard and aggressive way, and I think this fits well for Beats for Love festival. I have to admit, this industrial area of the festival is perfect and one of the best locations ever.


So, we have plenty to look forward to. You are married and no longer a youngster. What does your wife say about your constant travels? Does she still support you?

 My wife has been supporting me from the very beginning and she still does. It helps me a lot, as I know I can count on her and that everything is taken care of. The travelling itself is not an issue anymore, maybe she is even quite happy when I leave the house for a couple of days. (Laughter)

I like your sense of humor. You have a lot of ink on your body. Where else can we see your love for drum & bass, other than on your fingers?

Yes, I have „drum&bass“ tattooed on my fingers, on my shoulder I have a Virus Recordings symbol tattoo. There is a ram on my neck. All the other tattoos are connected to things I love in life. On my chest there is an alien with the predator fighting, as I adore the original movies. Bunch of other tattoos are various things I had done in foreign countries I visited.

Gareth, thanks a lot for our interview, I am looking forward to opening the gates to hell with you in Ostrava!

Are you excited to experience the thrill and hotness of the infamous blast furnaces in Ostrava? Go and grab your ticket, because this year’s ride with Forbidden Society Recordings Label Night will be THE THING to remember!


Author: Lukas Bednarik