Demos Wanted: send us your track and get into the spotlight!

Published On Saturday June 8th, 2019 |

Do you have your own studio? Do you produce your own tracks, but are you afraid to send them out? Do you think about how to become famous with so many other producers around? Either you play with Cubase, make your perfect tunes in Ableton or you dance around buttons in Fruity Loops, it is not until you present your tunes to constructive criticism, your production will stay hidden between the data of your hard drive. So, what to do? Send us your tracks for professional analysis in our music lab in Forbidden Society Recordings!

To succeed today means to invest hours and hours of hard work and Forbidden Society Recordings wants to help beginning artists to start. We are interested in new generation’s sound, we will gladly offer you a strict but justified view on your efforts.

So, how to do this? Send us links for your tracks (tracks in 320 kbps quality uploaded on with your name, artist name, track title, year when you produced the track, with also links to your online profiles and your story). If we think that your track shows potential and that it is ready to be shown to the world, it will be added to our public playlist in the „TALENTS“ section. You will have the opportunity to make yourself visible on a worldwide famous label and your tunes will be heard by thousands of fans, who follows our pages.

Or do you think you have more experience and consider yourself to be a skilled producer, whose tracks are ready to be published? If we find your work to be of unique quality, we will contact you back with our offer for an official release. And that sounds dope, what do you think?

If we do not contact you back at all, do not worry, it just simply means that you need to work harder, keep going and try your luck next time!