Deadbox EP: Forbidden Society fearlessly chooses a brand new path

Published On Wednesday May 22nd, 2019 |

Forbidden Society, one of the biggest names in the Czech drum & bass scene has decided to attack all senses of his listeners again. Previous EP Fog Walk was widely discussed due to its new sound direction and fans who paid attention to its details could feel that there is a new path ahead. Current EP Deadbox is yet another proof of this producer’s versatility. Worldwide he became famous as a dj for his ruthless mixes of heavyweight tracks and monumental sound detonation, but now, Jindřich Brejcha showcases his skills as a producer of various subgenres in drum & bass and electronic music in general.


New EP Deadbox offers eight skillfully crafted tracks. Deadbox, the title track has an unconventional composition and sets the tone for the whole EP. Try to imagine a sound of footsteps of a lost electronic being in an abandoned tunnel combined with atmospheric vocals and vibrating tech pulsations. Or maybe it is just a little walk of a sleepy cyborg to get his box of mazut cigars, but his steps in the tunnel echoes loud as hell itself.

While you dive into this new EP, you do not need to forget all about your love for crosbreed, just be aware, that the alchemist called Forbidden Society presents to you a new sound, which you are not used to yet. If unprepared, you might be shocked to hear Rattlesphere, a deep, but still highly electrifying tune. Empty Eyes might be an even bigger surprise for you, or Rustler, which can remind you of a slightly intoxicated bull terrier’s run.

Let us not dwell into any more details for now, new EP Deadbox releases on FRSC label on Wednesday 12 June 2019 and you can be your own judge if the devil himself hit the jackpot once again with this new direction!

Author: Lukas Bednarik