3RDKND: The Uncompromising Cognitive EP

Published On Wednesday November 14th, 2018 |
The gentlemen of 3RDKND have come up with yet another unconventional fashion line for the classic Hard drum and bass. With brisk needle and some experimental thread using the third kind sewing machine they tailored state of the art garment deserving of the catwalks at Milan fashion week. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Cognitive EP. It has been only six months since the premiere of the Purge EP and the trio comprising of Donny, Katharsys and Forbidden Society are here again with another new release inspired by the odes to happiness for those with guilty conscience. The debut EP was released in May this year and in August at the infamous Let It Roll Festival they also played together for the very first time. What should have been a 30 minute showcase resulted in three and half hour long b3b set where it was proven without shadow of a doubt that this combo was a damn good idea. Well at least to those physically present. Another showcase happened while celebrating the ninth birthday of Hoofbeats Music Label or at Therapy Sessions in České Budějovice. And what is it that makes their sets so successful? Perhaps it is years of experience and many technical skills. I find the guy’s biggest asset is that all three of them, Chris, Hugo and Jindra, have their own individual style not only in production but in selection too. So when all of them hit the stage together they transform a standard well done set into a dark and furious ride across many subgenres of drum and bass. And the final product is then a perfect mix of balanced selection and uncompromising dose of raw dnb. After these successful performances the second release was not far behind. It was born from dust and ashes on the ninth of November and named Cognitive. Like the EP before it Cognitive too has four tracks on it one of which is a remix so the original concept has been left untouched with only one small difference and that is that now it is not one of the guys who did the remix but rather another producer. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Cognitive dissonance is a state of mind which is characterized by the consistency disintegration of inner beliefs in an individual and the life outside of him. The name Cognitive alone has not been picked for its definition but maybe we can say that some kind of disintegration is truly taking place. Each track tells its own allegorical story with its building blocks substantially differentiated. There are new and yet unrecognized impressions on each listen representing the fact that the 3RDKND’s destiny is to do things a little bit differently. If we leave the fields of dreamy reflections and enter reality with its cold hard facts we can say with absolute certainty that this EP is an original of the highest quality. Witnesses to the fact may be the great feedbacks from other talented producers. The most successful track is for the time being the remix of Artifact done by the immortal Audio. Many words of praise for the whole EP were also given by the likes of Mindscape, Phace, L33, The Panacea, DJ Hidden or Neonlight. Undoubtedly the most striking feature of the whole EP is the eponymous track Cognitive. It represents the main mission of the whole 3RDKND project and that is to give birth to innovations, go against the tide, masses, use 175 bpm in a way that nobody does, simply to destroy the standard formulas of production. The track Cognitive had its premiere on October 24th on Noisia Radio, which is in itself a great honor. One of a kind flow is done by the experimental rhythm that paralyzes its listeners who, although still aware of the existence of time and space, will come to believe that things will never make sense again. The concept of the whole track mirrors Purge from the debut EP, from the technically precise drums to bass. Maybe 3RDKND aims to establish an identity for itself, its own brand? Cognitive is surely a very specific track, definitely not for everyone. Some will love it, many will hate it. And maybe this was the authors’ plan all along. Other two tracks carry a little bit more of the defining taste of the good old traditional Hard drum and bass. The first was Panger that premiered on YouTube channel DarkstepWarrior on October 10th. The second one – The Upsidedown – only a week later on DistrictBass. Both of them are perfect examples of the dark recesses of drum and bass. It’s the regular rhythm, pulsating atmosphere and aggressive hits that make these two bangers a bit more traditional hard dnb lullabies. Some track passages remind one of epileptic fits, they are a clear sign that that they were made with one goal only – to have command over the dancefloors. Ready to dance – one could say. If there’s someone who didn’t really like the experimental rhythm of the first track, maybe the other two will please his ears. Vocals are also a significant part of each track that add to the specific and unique atmosphere of it. Dark voices speaking to us in song intros may be too much on emotionally weak individuals and throw them into depression but maybe that’s the point? Besides the fact that these vocals bring a lot of chilling atmosphere they are also a way to name them. So in this case we don’t have to look for hidden meanings and messages. As I already mentioned in the introduction the last piece of the puzzle is a remix done by Audio. Excluding the fact that Audio is one of the biggest names on the scene, he is also an old friend. Even if Gareth’s style and production is a bit different from 3RDKND’s he took it as a challenge and with great excitement. So he is no stranger to Hard drum and bass after all and it gave him the chance to go back to his roots. He was inspired by the debut EP The Purge and for his remix he chose one of the hardest pieces full of snares. The Artifact remix then proved to the general public that he can work with harder sounds as well. The remix premiered on american server Bassrush. 3RDKND proved to us once again that Hard drum and bass can be made in many ways, that using unconventional producer tricks may create never ending bouts of euphoria in listeners. I dare to say that everyone will find something to like while listening to this EP. Both lovers of the avantgarde and experimental rhythm as well as eager ravers whose motors are propelled by rough beats and strict tempo. Now I can only hope that in six months there will be another product delivered by the gentlemen of 3RDKND.