The interview with Audio within FSRECS label night at Storm club

After all these years of fighting between Punkbots and humans on earth this war once again moved to their home area, Storm Club Prague. The battle begins on April 21st, 2017 and counterintelligence found that the most wanted Punkbots will take part in the fights. The commander of the operation is Forbidden Society, criminal element utilizing their abilities to unleash mass hysteria and violence among people. His black horse is cruel and very dangerous Audio, with bone breaking and ear tearing strong sound.

Now we bring to you a very hot stuff. The killer, one and only, the boss named Audio gave us an exclusive interview within Forbidden Society Recordings Label Night taking place at Storm club Prague on 04/21/2017.

Facebook event: ★★★ Forbidden Society Recordings Label Night w/ AUDIO ★★★

[When: 04/21/2017] – [Where: Storm club, Prague, CZ]

Tickets: The Return of the Punkbots: Forbidden Society + Audio

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Interview with Audio

FSRECS: What was the year 2016 for Audio?

AUDIO – Was a good year, I released my fifth studio album on ram, it was well received, so I’m happy.

FSRECS: You’re a DJ and you spend enough time on the road, how your family handle this?

AUDIO – It’s all they’ve average known so there used to me going away at the weekends, I’m around all week tho, pick my kids up from school everyday, cook them food, so I’m around more than some people who work 9-5 in the city.

FSRECS: You’re a passionate collector of shoes, how many pairs do you have at home? You’ve got quite a few exclusive pieces.

AUDIO – About 44 pairs so not crazy numbers, my wife insisted I slow down as it was getting out of hand, I have a few exclusives and hard to find pairs, my favs are AirMax 90s.

FSRECS: You have a lot of tattoos. Can you remember your first and the story about it?

AUDIO – First one was an English bulldog with boxing gloves on my arm, it was awful but it got me hooked, it’s gone now covered up with something a bit better lol.

FSRECS: You’re a legend and an inspiration to many novice DJs, who was the inspiration for you when you started?

AUDIO – Be true to yourself, I’ve never pandered to anyone else’s taste through out my career, even tho some people think I have, work harder than everyone else.

FSRECS: How long have you known Jindra and when did you first met?

AUDIO – I can actually remember exactly where, as my memory is rubbish and it was along time ago. It was when he was still working in a restaurant, and badly wanted to Dj for a living, so after much hard work it’s great to see he has a great brand with a big loyal following. We def met in Czech getting back to your question, …any way we’ve know each other a long time and have played countless great shows together and he sends fucking sick one off jackets, but serious he is a great guy who deserves his success.

FSRECS: You are working on a new studio. How is the work going, you’re doing everything yourself or do you have a helper?

AUDIO – Yes I am, after 18 years I have to move out from my studio, sad really, everything I’ve ever written has been in that room so it holds very special memories but change is good, and to have a full studio at home is the dream. I’ve converted my garage, done all the work myself as I used to be a builder, I´m just putting the finishing touches to it as we speak so i´ll be moving in very soon.

FSRECS: It is not your first time coming to Storm club. What is so special on Czech people, according to you?

AUDIO – I just love it here, always have, I´ve had some of the most insane party experiences here over the many years of coming here, beers great, and for my style of dnb it feels like a spiritual home to be honest old or brand new tunes get an amazing response, in the top 5 places in the world for me to Dj in.

FSRECS: What would you do for living if you were not doing music?

AUDIO – Builder probably, i enjoyed the work to be honest and the laugh I had with co workers.

FSRECS: Planes for 2017, we know that something big is coming from your camp, tell us a bit please.

AUDIO – I´ve started a new project with Edrush called “killbox” that’s my main focus right now, I’ve released 4 albums under the audio guise so it won’t do any harm letting it rest for a while, with the new project we are trying to bring back some of the older vibes to the tunes, with cutting edge production values, we’ve both pushed each other in the studio which is always great for the music. The project has only just begun and we have lots in store for the future.

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AUDIO @ Storm Club Prague – FSRECS Label Night 17.1.14
Audio – Let It Roll Open Air 2015 – Main stage
Rampage 2015 – Audio ft MC Youthstar full set

★ AUDIO / UK / ★

Attending the “Dance Kiss FM” events in London as a teenager, Audio became familiar with the jungle and Drum and bass scene and soon booked his own party with DJs Ed Rush & Optical. He was hired as studio engineer at the UK hard house label “Alphamagic” and later became an A&R. In 2002, he founded “Resonant Evil” along with Colin Worth and Jason Bull, for which he released several records until 2005. His debut album To the Edge Of Reason, released in 2008 on Tech Freak Recordings, received praises throughout the scene and also caught the attention of Virus Recordings executives Ed Rush & Optical (DJ) where he subsequently was signed to. His follow-up albums Genesis Device and Soul Magnet saw further successful singles such as “Vacuum” and “Headroom”. In 2013, his final album with Virus Recordings came out after his successful “Sabretooth” remix by Optiv & BTK.




If there’s one undeniable fact about electronic music, it’s that it never stands still; perpetually evolving, growing and changing. Often at a speed that’s hard for some to keep up with. Forbidden Society is an artist who doesn’t struggle to keep up. With an attitude to business that reflects in his style of music – fast-paced, forward-thinking and with an aggressive edge – this artist not only produces his own compositions but he also tours the world as a DJ, owns his own record label complete with a healthy merchandise arm and runs a stage at one of the biggest festivals in his native Czech Republic.