Interview with S9

Published On Wednesday November 8th, 2017 |

Why and how did you decide to use your name? Well initially I had the name ‘Specific 9’ ; 9 being my birth month, September. But then before my first release I was gifted a private reg plate for my car by my mum and it had S9 on it. I thought it could look cool as a logo so I changed to S9!

You are a new member of FSRECS family, how do you feel about it? Great! I’m already signed to Titan Records so its good to branch out and release on other labels, especially considering that FSRECS has a large following which prefer the much heavier styles of dnb. It allows me to show the aggressive side to my music!

You are able to produce everything from liquid to heavier styles, what do you prefer to produce? It really depends on what mood I’m in or what I find inspiring at the time. I love writing the heavy stuff because it gives you freedom in trying to create really dirty fucked up basslines! But on the other hand, sometimes its nice to wind down and write some deep heartfelt chord progressions and build a liquid tune.

Track “Warehouse” had a huge success, it was possible to hear it almost at every event last year, did you expect this positive feedback? To be honest I was unaware how many people were playing it until now! I hoped that people would like it, it’s the first really heavy tune I have released so I’m glad people were feeling it!

What are you working on right now? I have a few releases on Titan Records in the pipeline, one of being ‘Give It A Crack’ which A.M.C has been rinsing in his sets. Also working with a few vocalists on some new liquid material which hopefully you will hear in the near future!