Interview with Zombie Cats

Why and how did you decide to use your name?
The Story would be tooooooooo long. To put it in a nutshell: We love DnB, especially the darker side. But DNB has so much to offer so we always like the fact that DNB also has the possibility of so many surprises. Zombie Cats represents this perfectly.

How long have you been active together? How did you get together guys?
We know each other for many many years. It all started back in 2006 when we released our first DNB tracks on DSCI4. It was a big honor to release music on a label alongside names like Konflict, ed rush & optical or Skynet. We both were always fascinated by the tech-side of DNB. We both remixed each other after we heard our solo music online. Trace (owner of DSCI4) picked one of our tunes and since then we have been a team.

It is gonna be a year in few days since you released your last video-clip to you track Alive, how was doing the recording? Did you make the script yourself?
The video was shot by a friend of us. We gave him the full control cause we think that is the way when directors can work at their best. There was also a short movie called ALIVE. This script was written by Rouven and was shot in his house. It is a spooky & funny movie. Hitchcock would like it haha: suspense.

Are you preparing something like that again?
Of course! When we know which single it will be next… we will shoot a video! It is always a good time. And this time we both will be seen in the video.

You made a collab for Exploration festival with Gancher & Ruin, was it difficult to produce something like this if you needed to combine two different styles of music?
Not at all. It was just a bit of fun really. We had the idea to write an anthem and passed the idea to Tomas. We already had a DNB sketch ready. Tomas had the vision that we should collab with Gancher & Ruin. Both styles of Exploration Festival would be represented: DNB & Hardcore. The Twins send us their stems and we put the tune together. It was smooth and we are happy with the result.