Interview with Task Horizon – Forbidden Society Recordings label Night, Brno 2014

Published On Sunday March 2nd, 2014 |
Task Horizon  

14.3.2014 – FSRECS Label Night with TASK HORIZON – at Favál / Brno



FSRECS: Hi Aaron. Please can you introduce Task Horizon to our audience, who you were and who you are today? Task Horizon: Hello audience! Task Horizon are Tim and myself, two regular dudes from switzerland with quiet different musical backgrounds. Tim teaches composition in zürich and is a professional jazz player with a history in electronic dance music. I started to buy vinyl very early and have the DJ and raver background that brought me to building my own studio. FSRECS: You made your first release with Uman 10 years ago on Sudden Def and among others one of your most known tracks „Ghost in the Shell“ was released on Habit. Since those days Task Horizon matured a lot and everyone can feel you are working hard on yourself. Latest releases Evolved EP on C4C and the Hurtlocker remix for Forbidden Society are bloody monstrous beasts. How much time do you spend in the studio? Task Horizon: Thank you! I try to spend every free minute in the studio. Its almost a compulsion. Or a basic need like sleeping and eating. We always try to get better and work on our musical skills. Even when we are not in the studio our subconsciousness keeps working on tunes. It even happened before that we dreamed the solution to a musical problem. FSRECS: What does drumandbass, or the whole music itself mean to you? Do you feel it more with its depths or do you prefer it just as a form of relaxation and fun? Task Horizon: Thats simple. Its the best thing in existence. The ultimate formula to express energy on a audio artistic level. Also the best music to dance to imo. Nothing beats the impact of a good DnB tune on a big sound system while sharing the experience with like minded people. Also its the perfect soundtrack for our fast paced society. And last but not least, music keeps me sane and gives me purpose. FSRECS: Since the early days, how did your personal taste in drumandbass change? Who inspired you then and who inspires now? Task Horizon: It changed quiet a lot. I guess back in the days i would listen less cynical to electronic dance music. But society has also changed that way so its fine. I love the organic sound of drum and bass. Those crazy tunes you find only in DnB. I adore Noisia. Phace and Misanthrope are friends and my personal fav when it comes to sound design. FSRECS: You run the Evolution Chamber label and all and all what do you think about how hard it is to release a vinyl today? Surely one must think thoroughly what is worth releasing on vinyl and what could be a pure hazard. Task Horizon: Its very hard. We don’t do vinyl anymore altogether on evolution chamber. Its just that almost no one is buying it unfortunately. Maybe sales recover but for now we are done with vinyl. Its sad but you have to go with the time. Kids today are not interested in buying their music on a format that is made out of fossil fuel it seems. There are still some labels out there that do vinyl but they are an endangered species. FSRECS: How is your year 2014 gonna look like? What plans you have and what can we expect from the Task Horizon’s kitchen? Task Horizon: We spent the last couple months in the studio working on new material. We also changed our sound design a lot. Tim programmed a crazy software synthesizer for us and I completely changed the way we are approaching our mix downs. Expect some crazy releases starting in april. Heavy dance floor hitters as usual but also we are working on more musical tunes people might not expect from us. Tim wrote those songs mostly and the lyrics are blowing me away! Also there is a crazy collab with our mutual friend Forbidden Society in the pipeline. We try to have it finished for the gig. FSRECS: Its gonna be your first gig in Czech Republic, are you looking forward to it? I mean, we got delightful beer, eye-pleasing women and gorgeous food! Task Horizon: Are you kidding me??!! I CANT WAIT!!!! :D Yes its my first gig in your lovely country and I’m looking forward very much! FSRECS: You live in Switzerland, a country where the biggest amount of dnb producers was born and lives – in proportion to its population size. How come? Is there some special dnb nutrients in food? Task Horizon: haha! It just feels that way because our country is really, really small! ;) FSRECS: Your actual Top 5 please? Task Horizon: Task Horizon_Untitled Task Horizon_Totem 2.0 Task Horizon_Flame Fetish Task Horizon and Forbidden Society_Untitled Zombie Tune (even though its not finished jet) Teddy Killerz and Billain_Wizard FSRECS: Your favourite drink and backstage activity? Task Horizon: Hmm, I go with Mojito and whirl pooling. ;) FSRECS: Thanks a lot for the interview and we are all looking forward to see You in Brno! Task Horizon: Thank you! Looking forward as well! <3 :)  

14.3.2014 – FSRECS Label Night with TASK HORIZON – at Favál / Brno