Interview with Sinister Souls

Published On Friday March 2nd, 2018 |
Sinister Souls will perform at Forbidden Society Recordings Label Night – Helldrummers Edition on 20th of April 2018 in Storm Club, Prague, Czech Republic.

Why and how did you decide to use your name? Well, before we decided on the super epic name “Sinister Souls” (which scares girls apparently), we were Kwanto (Fred) & Antistar (Adriaan). Then one night while playing some Evol Intent en Technical Itch dubs, we started brainstorming for an awesome and original name. After many failed attempts to come up with something unique, we saw a Corrupt Souls 12” laying on the ground. One of us said: “Well, that sounds sinister right?”. And the rest is written in the history books. How long are you guys working together and how did yet get together? Fred was in a DJ collective named Utreg Massive since 2004. In 2007 there was a DJ talent contest where Adriaan was participating and Fred had is first solo set in a big venue. We hit it off bromance style quite fast because of our mutual interests. So.. it’s about 11 years now! You were producing music independently and for the last couple of years together. What is the advantage of making music together? We’ve been producing for a combined total of 30 years now (and we’re not getting any better at it). If you have the same state of mind (pun intended) when it comes down to making music, same flow, vibe, drive and feel: it’s easy to sit in the studio together and produce something that makes both of us happy. It’s hard to find someone that you can share that personal studio space with and not claw the other person’s eyes out for wanting less snare. Have you ever had different opinion on creation you were making on? Yes, but only when we’re doing solo producing for Sinister Souls. It used to happen more in the past, but nowadays it rarely happens because we’re so attuned (bromance) to each other. So it’s easier to predict the reaction to a certain vibe and adjust to it accordingly. You belong to the hardest producers at all, but do you do you listen to anything else except the hard stuff? WHO ARE YOU CALLING HARD!? Ahum… We actually listen to alot of other music. Adriaan has an alias called “4DRI4N” where he makes shitty Techno. And Fred has two other aliases where he makes shitty Hardcore (Xaturate) and epic, although shitty, Neo 80s/Synthwave (Arpitect). What are you working on right now and what we can expect? On the 26th of March there is a new release coming out on PRSPCT with collabs featuring Gein and Mathizm: And we’re actually working on our third album which is coming out later this year. In the meantime Adriaan is doing video production and Fred is working on tunes for a Fitness App. Something to keep us busy during all the noise making that we do!
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