Interview with Pythius

Published On Thursday June 14th, 2018 |
Pythius will perform at Forbidden Society Recordings Label Night stage – Trident Festival on 21st of June 2018

It´s just a few weeks you released your debut album “Descent” and we finally could bought these bangers we had heard at Let It Roll OA 2018 in BSE´s set. We noticed your producing is evolving pretty hard. I mean your debut album are not just a pure neurofunk tracks. You experimented with vocals (Until the World Burns Down, Drowning, Run) and even we heard some a little bit more deep-ish tracks from Pythius too, like the From the Future. Is it just our feelings or you are enjoying experimenting with sounds and trying to find a new way how to produce a neurofunk album? Yes I felt that my album should not be just full steam ahead for 12 tracks long, that would not be interesting enough for a full hour. And also because its an album I thought it would give me the space to experiment with other musical influences. So I did and I think it worked out quite well! 12 new tracks are pretty good for dnb album and it had to take a lot of time and effort. How long did you work on it? Too long! I think like 1.5 years in total, maybe 2. I worked on some other projects like remixes and the Heresy EP too in the meanwhile. Were there situations during the producing you weren´t successful with sound and you said something like “fuck it!”? I mean you don’t have many collabs on this album, so there had to be some hard times without inspiration. Of course there were. That’s one of the reasons why there are tracks like “Drowning”, “Until the World Burns Down” or “IDWD”. Those are kinda made in moments I didn’t have an inspiration for Drum & Bass. Trying other stuff can be really refreshing for both, your own production skills and inspiration! Are you enjoying now time off or are you working on something new again? I’m working on a whole pile of remixes and collabs I promised people to do while I was working on the album. I told everyone “after the album” so that time has come now so I have to catch up with a lot of these promises… haha! We know you predominantly from Blackout label, but what is the story behind? How did you get to Blackout and what did you do before? I met Micha from BSE in a craft beer bar in Utrecht, started sending him music, and then they invited me to play at their Blackout night (way before the label started) in Utrecht. And then I regularly play those nights as opener. I also started studying Music Production at the Herman Brood Academy in Utrecht, and I needed an internship for that so I harassed BSE until they gave me the internship. And thats kinda how it started!
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