Interview with Gancher & Ruin

Published On Thursday March 1st, 2018 |
Gancher & Ruin will perform at Forbidden Society Recordings Label Night – Helldrummers Edition on 20th of April 2018 in Storm Club, Prague, Czech Republic.

Why and how did you decide to use your name “Gancher” comes from our surname (Goncharenko) and almost everyone called us “Ganchers” in our childhood. “Ruin” has letters from our surname and sounds fine too, so Alexey took that! You made a collab for Exploration festival in last summer with Zombie Cats, was it difficult to produce something like this if you needed to combine two different styles of music? It was a pleasure to work with Zombie Cats! Mixing two different styles isn’t a problem for us at all. As you can see and hear we always play so many different tracks in our sets (from techno to drum & bass, from drum & bass to hardcore and so on) so using the same way in production is even more fun! Could you describe the dnb/hardcore scene in Russia? I’m not sure that we have hardcore d&b scene here. Unfortunately we have pretty much separated d&b and hardcore audience. But we are on the way to change it! You are together your whole life, is this the advantage or disadvantage in producing music? It’s definitely an advantage! We can work together giving each other a tip or work on the different projects at the same time and change one another when tired. We have seen some changes in your production during the time. What are you focusing on and working on right now? Yes, we are always trying to make something new. When we are producing neuro we don’t want it to sounds like someone else on the scene. Same with hardcore and crossbreed. When we perform we are mixing different styles and we see how people react on it. We want to perform as many our tracks as we can during the show. So if we are feeling our set needs more hard beats – we go for that! If techno works well –  let’s do it and mix it in! We have forthcoming hard d&b/crossbreed PRSPCT EP and heavy neuro Eatbrain EP. To be honest we are focusing to produce some bangers that make people move and dance no matter what the style it is. Isn’t it the point? You are going to play at FSRECS in Prague and you have always had success when you come to Czech, are you looking forward? It’s been a long time since last FSRECS gig in Prague. It was an amazing gig so it will this time I’m sure! Can’t wait for that! ★ Gancher & Ruin / RU / ★ / EATBRAIN / PRSPCT / Feel free to hear latest tracks at their SOUNDCLOUD, visit and like their FACEBOOK profile, see whats new at their INSTAGRAM and of course visit Gancher & Ruin FSRECS PROFILE.