Interview with Emperor

Published On Wednesday May 23rd, 2018 |
Emperor will perform at Forbidden Society Recordings Label Night stage – Trident Festival on 21st of June 2018

It´s just a few weeks you released your new EP “Bloodsport”. We heard some a little bit unexpected stuff from Emperor, liquid track “Half Makes Whole”. Can we expect something like that more often or it was just an experiment? You know, we are used to something more dark and heavy from Emperor. But I have to say that even liquid Emperor is really sick. People are used to me releasing darker records, but I’ve always tried to make more melodic and stripped back records too! The heavier stuff is more popular, but I feel that I’ll definitely release more melodic and deeper tracks in the future. I think people are moving past the heavier music and getting deeper into the genre of D&B, and it’s good as an artist to show you have more than one side of your work.     Are you working on anything else or just enjoying time off right now after new EP is released? I’m always working on new stuff! The scene moves so fast now, it’s hard to really take time off unless you have made a huge project like an album. Working on lots of Emperor tunes, and lots of new Monuman music too! I’ve also been writing loads of Metal music, but not sure what to do with that.     Your and whole Critical´s style is so specific and different from anything else in genre, but still you have big loyal fan base, your set with Mefjus at Imagination 2014 has even more than 800K views on YT, which is really awesome to drum and bass. Why do you think this subgenre you are representing is so successful among dnb fans even if it is so far away from mainstream? I think the fans are just extremely devoted to the music. Especially in Europe, the fans ‘live’ the music a lot more than here in the UK, which also means fans are more loyal to artists they like and their music. A smaller, devoted fanbase is a lot healthier for the scene than a large one that doesn’t really care about the genre too much. It’s great to see that devotion when you go out and play sets, you don’t get to see that appreciation when you are sat alone in your studio for hours and hours!     You are not so long in the field, but you have already created a phenomenon in dark music. What is the key to success you could recommend to new producers? I know it’s cheesy, but it’s definitely important to be yourself. A lot of artists are just emulating what others are doing, trying to one up each other and make heavier tunes. Sometimes you have to step back and look at what you are trying to say with your music. Being successful is a fine line, where you have to respect the ‘rules’ of the genre, but also bending those rules to make something new that people haven’t already heard a million times before.   What was Emperor doing for the living before he started to produce the music? How Conor became the Emperor? I worked in a coffee shop for 2 years. Never again!
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