Interview with Donny about Let It Roll 2017

Published On Tuesday July 4th, 2017 |
Within Forbidden Society Recordings Label Night at Let It Roll 2017 we prepared and interview with DONNY. Donny, who hails from the United Kingdom, had begun to perfect the art of making drumandbass in early 2006 when Mindrush Recordings were the first to pick up on his unique talents, snapping up his first 12” single. Soon after Donny signed The Forgotten, he has continued to work closely with Barcode. He has released his tunes on well-known hard drumandbass labels, such as Position Chrome, PRSPCT, Freak, Algorythm a Barcode Recordings. Donny’s work is always easily recognisable, it destroys the boundaries of hardness and commonness, brings original motives and methods, always with a dark elegance, which will hit the listeners deeply. Forbidden Society Recordings Label Night´s lineup consists of  


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  Interview with Donny FSRECS: You are comming back to the crime scene called Let It Roll Open Air after 3 years, do you even remember that night? How did you enjoy it? Donny – My memory gets a bit hazy towards the end of the night (haha!) but I do remember it being a great night! I’m looking forward to doing it all again. FSRECS: Since that time, whole Forbidden Society Recordings and Let It Roll festival made a great progress, how was it for Donny? Donny – Things have been good with me, I’m busy with my day job as a sound designer so music production has had to take the back seat. I still produce tunes whenever I get the spare time though… ;) FSRECS: You belong to the hardest from drum and bass at all, no doubt about it. But seriously, do you sometines listen to anything less hard? Or what do you actually like to listen to? Donny – I often listen to stuff that isn’t dnb – classic funk, punk, hip hop, grunge rock, big beat etc. Basically anything with tasty drums! FSRECS: What has been that moment you realized you want to make drum and bass music? Donny – I used to play the drums in a rock band. Then someone played me some old school jungle and I loved the complex drum patterns. I was instantly hooked and wanted to start making my own tunes! FSRECS: You are going to perform on open air stage, can we expect the true hell under the sky opened? Donny – I’ve got some proper pang lined up to play ;) FSRECS: It has been some time you made collaboration with Forbidden Society, are you planning anything else together guys? Donny – We are planning a few things, I just need the spare time to get them done. Hopefully they’ll appear soon… FSRECS: It is about half a year you released your last EP (if i remember correctly), what are you now working on? Can we expect any new hot stuff at LIR OA this year? Donny – I’ve been busy working on a few remixes for labels I’ve worked for in the past. Also my next EP for Crash Pang Wallop is under construction due later this year hopefully. FSRECS: You are DJing since 2006 if i remember correctly, so surely you’ve been through lots of things in drum and bass. What do you think about evolve of drum and bass? Donny – I love it, always cool to hear people doing new things.  
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