Interview with Counterstrike

Why and how did you decide to use your name?
We were making music as Animal Chin & 500 Mills before 2000. When we signed our first vinyl release to Allied Recordings in 2001 they thought we needed a better name. At the time Eaton was playing a lot of Counter Strike, the game. I first thought we should call ourselves Second Strike after the Mampi Swift song. In the end one of our friends suggested Counterstrike. So that’s what we went with.

Justin lives in Prague, Eaton in London, how do you guys produce the music? Are you still visiting each other or just working remotely?
We rarely get the chance to work on music together anymore. I’m  mostly writing the music for Counterstrike now. Eaton has a 9-5 job doing 3D animation, which leaves him with very little time to work on music.

You did such a great job with Forbidden Society – Sellout (Counterstrike remix) and it is probably one of the hardest stuff from the remix album, how was the making of this banger going?
Thanks, much appreciated. It came together very naturally and quickly. I had fun working on it.

Lets go back in time… it is 2 years you released the “Let It Roll” anthem with Rido, did you guys expect that huge and positive feedback as it had?
Not at all. We made the main idea of the song in about 2 hours. It was purely going to be for the LiR intro which we got asked to do that year. We got so much good feedback on it, that we decided to turn it into a song.

What are you making on right now?
I’m working on a collab with Sinister Souls that will be out on their EP on Algorythm in December. Another with Bl4ck Owlz for their EP for early 2018. Then I’m also working on some solo stuff for a Counterstrike EP early 2018.