Interview with Bones

Published On Monday April 16th, 2018 |

Bones will perform at Forbidden Society Recordings Label Night – Helldrummers Edition on 20th of April 2018 in Storm Club, Prague, Czech Republic.

Why and how did you choose to use the name Bones?
Hello! The BONES nickname is attached to me since the childhood (1999-2000) when I was playing the Quake game where I played for a character named Bones. Well, the boys started to call me Bones and almost nobody know my real name (Jiri), so it’s fun sometimes. My colleagues at work have started to call me Bones too and it’s already such a part of me, so this nickname will not change anytime soon.

How did you get to the hardest what drum and bass can offer?
I have been into drum and bass since the first time I’ve heard it. Over time I have begun to look for artists what this genre produces or play, and at that moment I have recognized the master of the Czech scene, SHMIDOO. Because we lived in the same town of Frýdek-Místek, I often met him at drum and bass events in the local club STOUN. I liked that energy, which did not let the person to stay calm, so I started to look what he was doing.

Do you listen to anything else?
Definitely I do… my girlfriend! And sometimes in the car I listen to regular radio. I also like to listen to whatever kind of drum and bass. Sometimes I am in the mood for some Hard Rock, Metal etc .. well and sometimes I would like the complete silence :-D

Your current TOP5?
My current TOP 5. I have more than five of them so I do not want to touch someone that I do not write it. From Hallucinator I like the song BURN – total burner. From SHMIDOO track AUTOPSY, I play that in every set! FRAGZ and his HUNGER is an old thing, but when you pull it out at 5:00 in the morning, it will wake up everyone. Gancher & Ruin… all from their HellTrap album looks great. They will have a release on PRSPCT called Outlaw EP, which looks pretty nice! And the fifth, Triamer & Nagato vs Broken Sight – Take My Time from “Bastards” EP.

Do you have any funny performance incident that you could share with us?
Of course, everybody has one! It will be no more than a year since we came to the club with a friend I should played B2B set there. Whole night went well, people talked to us how they could not wait for our set. Then each of us played one track, promoter came to tell us this is not going to happen here :-D So we we went off the stage fast as we came there :-D Of course he apologized for not realizing what we play. This is probably the best thing. This one always amuses me :-D

Do you have a drum and bass dream that you have not yet met? Maybe production …?
Production is on its way. It’s a long way to go, and I find myself wondering what it is… Meanwhile, I’m trying to perfect the mixes. In the future, I would definitely like to do something, for example on Yellow Stripe or PRSPCT, but it needs a lot of work… That would be probably my dream as a producer. Dream booking will be definitely for Therapy Session :)

In April you will play in Storm club alongside Forbidden Society, Sinister Souls, Gancher & Ruin and others. Will you be specially prepared for your set?
Most of the time, I prepare an introduction to the whole set so I can let the people get what is waiting for them. If you already mentioned that I play alongside FS, Sinister Souls, Gancher & Ruin, I’m sure to be careful not to play things they play so I’m going to listen carefully what they will play through the night and nothing will be repeated.

What would you say to a fan who is still wondering if he should go to this event or not?
Do not stay home and come to support this event! Forbidden often does not do label nights with such a hard-core lineup. If you like it hard, surely you should go! I look forward to meet you there, BONES.


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