Interview with Donny

Published On Wednesday April 11th, 2018 |
Why and how did you decide to use your name? Don is my family name, Donny has been my nickname with friends and family since I can remember. It seemed an easy choice to use that. You belong to the hardest drum and bas producers at all, how did you get to this kind of music? I used to play the drums in a rock band when I was much younger, then in my early teens a friend introduced me to old school jungle. I was instantly hooked to the crazy editing of the amens. Then when I heard old Dylan & Technical Itch tunes I thought – this is it! :) When we talked the last time, you said you are working on new EP. How is it going and what we could expect? The EP is finished at last and will be out on my label Crash Pang Wallop on 9th February. Its been fun to make, working with my mates Forbidden Society, Katharsys and Sinister Souls. Back in time for a sec, how did you enjoy open air FSRECS Label Nights at Let It Roll? I loved it! LIR is always awesome fun but the Forbidden Society open air stage last year had such great vibes. Thank you to FS for inviting me! And what are you planning to do after you release the new EP? I’ve been working with two of my favourite dnb buddies on a new exciting project… more info about it soon! And obviously more new music in the future on Crash Pang Wallop. Do not miss Donny at this years Forbidden Society Recordings label night @ Beats for Love festival. Event: Beats for Love 2018 ღ Official Event Tickets: Ticketstream – Beats for Love 2018