Interview and Metalcast by Donny for Let It Roll OA 2014 – Forbidden Society Recordings Stage

Published On Wednesday June 25th, 2014 |

1.-2.8.2014 – Let It Roll OA 2014 – Forbidden Society Recordings Stage (2.8.2014)



FSRECS: Hi Christopher. Can you please briefly introduce yourself, where are you from, how long are you into music production and what do you plan to kill us with this summer at Let It Roll? Donny: Ello, I’m Donny from the UK. I make Drum & Bass music in my spare time and also run Barcode Recordings. I’ve been making tunes for a while now, probably about 10 years. I plan to smash peoples faces at Let it Roll with the most offensive Drum & Bass tunes I have. FSRECS: A few years ago, you took over the leading position in Barcode label. Recently it released the EP Songs From The Living Dead Part 2 and now even your debut solo album Brain Rape. Please tell us a little more about both releases. Donny: Songs From the Living Dead 2 is a collection of remixes done by artists on Barcode. There‘s also a couple of original tunes on there. We basicaly just collect music we like and then release it once theres enough! FSRECS: Sometimes I think people like you are either mad or they just love it as I do. I’m talking about vinyl, which is today often labeled as a fetish and label-wise it is a safe way, at best, to get to zero. Great labels are complaining, small labels simple resigned in the face of financial reality. How is Barcode? Donny: At Barcode we only do a limited pressing of the most popular tracks that we release digitaly. Unfortunaly vinyl sells so little now that we can only just cover our costs. I love releasing tracks on vinyl and hope Barcode can keep doing it for as long as possible… its definitly just for the love of the music, rather than any kind of profit! FSRECS: This summer at Let It Roll you are going to play on Forbidden Society Recordings stage. Jindra and you created the massive hit Creator & Destroyer, which was released on his label last year. Can we look forward to any new collaboration with Forbidden Society or some other musical partnership. Do you guys plan something special for this summer’s Let It Roll? Donny: I recently remixed his track Heavy Metal Tank so that will most likely get played. I’m sure more colaboratins will happen between us in the future as well… FSRECS: What are your standard backstage activities after you finish your set? Favourite drink and your favourite morning hangover cure? Donny: I drink as much Jim Beam as possible. My favorite hangover cure has got to be a full English breakfast! FSRECS: Your actual Top 5 please? Donny: 1. Katharsys – Life is a Bitch (Counterstrike Remix) 2. Donny & Audio – Horribly Ribbed (Katharsys Remix) 3. Donny – Brain Rape 4. Forbidden Society – Heavy Metal Tank (Donny Remix) 5. Donny – Swarm & Multiply FSRECS: Thanks a lot for the interview and we are all looking forward to see You at Let It Roll! Donny: No worries, I’m looking forward to Let it Roll!    


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