Interview and Metalcast by C.A.2K for Let It Roll OA 2014 – Forbidden Society Recordings Stage

Published On Thursday June 19th, 2014 |

1.-2.8.2014 – Let It Roll OA 2014 – Forbidden Society Recordings Stage (2.8.2014)



FSRECS: Hi. A very little about you can be found on the internet, so please introduce yourself and tell us what do you do when you’re not producing new music? C.A.2K: Well when i am off the studio i usually at work, sports gym or with my beautiful girl) FSRECS: You come from Sankt Petersburg, a city famous for Pirate Stations and Therapy Sessions. Does that have any impact or influence on your production, how did you start anyways? C.A.2K: Ofcourse therapy in my town makes on me huge influence. My first set were on therapy 6 saint petersburg for 5000 ppl on dancefloor. So this everything motivates me to produce more and give me lots of energy and inspiration. FSRECS: Your latest releases include a remix of Panacea’s Cryptonomicon and a colab with Gancher & Ruin on Return Of Ardo from their album The Atmosphere Of Destruction. When will the fans see your album being released or some EP? C.A.2K: Well now i do not have plans to release whole lp. All my tunes go single to different labels. FSRECS: In September you’ve played in Prague at Cross club along with Donny on Forbidden Society Recordings Label Night. How was the night and your general experience of the Cross club and Prague? C.A.2K: I will say honestly to play in Czech for me always greate pleasure on fs events. In cross club organization is 100 percent super pro. Perfect look of flyers, lots of photos, videos, recorded mixes, sick crowd everything u need to be happy FSRECS: And naturally, how much are you looking forward to the summer Let It Roll, because you are gonna play in very similar composition with some extra topping, hehe? C.A.2K: I am very excited and glad that i can perform on such festival. Everybody tell me that it is really good event. And ofcourse i am gonna do my best ! FSRECS: Your actual Top 5 please? C.A.2K: Current value – Worm Katharsys – squaqe Ca2k – losted Counterstrike syd vichi – last stand Forbidden society – criminal FSRECS: Thanks a lot for the interview and we are all looking forward to see You at Let It Roll!    


Metalcast vol. 27 with the Russian super bullet CA2K. Another immense taster of the Forbidden Society Recording’ stage at Let It Roll Open Air Festival. Metalcast vol. 27 includes a full mix and interview with CA2K and enough heavy beats and filthy bass to truly upset your neighbours. You know you want to play it LOUD!

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