Interview with Fragz

Published On Tuesday November 7th, 2017 |

Why and how did you decide to use your name? 
It was really easy because most of my friends used to call me that already. It comes from my family name Fragoso and also because I’ve always been a FPS videogame aficionado, specially on Counterstrike!

You belong to the hardest drum and bass producers at all, how did you get to this kind of music?
I’ve always been into hard music since I was a kid, specially punk rock and hardcore, so when I started listening to DNB, back when I was like 17 years old, the harder side of it was always my main focus!

Do you like other genres? What do you listen to in your car?
I listen a lot of drum and bass, the full spectrum. I go from Spectrasoul to Limewax pretty easy, there’s good stuff in every sub genre, so I tend not to get stuck on “labels”! But what I listen the most
is punk rock, from Bad Religion to Nofx and from Face To Face to OFF!, that’s the genre that touches my heart in a way the others don’t. And latelly been also listening to a lot of Folk and Synthwave.

What are you making on right now? 
Always working on new stuff and trying to improve my sound. Got a new EP on Algorythm coming out in November and also a brand new remix for Forbidden Society which I really enjoyed making it! and also working on some softer stuff
for Eatbrain . Let’s see where it goes! :)

What is your top5 of dnb right now?
It’s always an hard question but here we go:

– Merikan – Infobesity
– Forbidden Society – Skullcrusher (Katharsys Remix)
– RedPill – Fonky
– Fragz & Merikan – Sharpshooter
– IHR – The whole “Consistency of Error” Album