FSRECS The Overkill Compilation Promo Teaser

Published On Wednesday September 11th, 2013 |

Forbidden Society Recordings hits hard with a killer compilation entirely excisting out of remixes of his original works and 2 VIP versions to top it off. Being all friends and people he regards for their production skills, this is a long term project that was actually due earlier this year. Because of the perfectionism of most of the artists and the big time span that is needed to organize such a hard hitting project the Overkill Compilation is now dropping September the 13th with even more heavy ammo than originally planned. Of course there will be a release party on the exact release date and of course Friday the 13th is the most suitable date to cherish the signature Forbidden Society sound. As for the compilation, it’s most definitely a all star FSRECS get-together with the likes of Task Horizon, Computerartist, The Clamps, Hallucinator, Shmidoo, Fragz, C – Netik, Katharsys, Hallucinator, Killer Industries, and Sinister Souls on Remix duties.