Forbidden Society

Forbidden Society has gone from being both a DJ and producer, to manufacturing a legendary platform for his brand which stretches further than its base in the drum & bass world of Czech Republic. 

He engineered the foundations of his clothing line and label through his high-energy sets and widespread command over the audiences he’s played to throughout the entirety of his career; although it’s his music which has taken center stage. 

Known for his versatile output, which includes dangerously powered cuts delivered at a dizzying tempo, as well as a more minimal, stripped back output still channeling his high-reaching production standard, his music is just as notorious as his live performances. And when considering drum & bass, it’s impossible not to recognize Forbidden Society’s impact, especially when it comes to the more earthy, underground terrains which have ensured the genre’s permanence. Whether its part of the international touring circuit, his place in the production outfit 3RDKND or his solo work, Forbidden Society has infiltrated the fabric of dance music.

With an array of influences, which include the gritty sounds of punk and metal through to their electronic equivalents of gabber, hardcore and breakcore, his music in recent times has explored his eclectic background like never before. 

With his foot still firmly on the accelerator alongside his hellish drum & bass counterparts Donny and Katharsys, his most recent productions present a colour reel of styles; the prime example being debut LP ‘Fog Walk’ through his self-titled imprint. 

Presenting itself as being far ‘away from the hardcore vigor of his usual work’, it covered twelve brand new editions to his already intimidating catalogue of work. The ‘Dead Box’ EP followed in quick succession, also revealed on Forbidden Society and standing as another monumental part of 2019 for the producer and one which yet again highlighted his commitment to diversity within his labor. Despite being firmly rooted within drum & bass, these two bodies of work spanned his inspirations across electro, techno and punk music, something which will be mirrored through his forthcoming track on Noisia’s Vision Recordings. When looking at how much of a multi-faceted artist Forbidden Society really is, it ‘s easy to see how he’s managed to command so many areas within the electronic sphere.

Beginning his career on pivotal labels such as T3k Recordings, PRSPCT and MindSaw, the story of 

Forbidden Society is unique, primarily due to him finding his audience mostly through his own podium. 

He’s never bowed down to commercial pressure and as a result, has amassed a formidable reputation and a fan base to match. Since its launch in 2011, its played host not only to the noise of its head honcho, but also mainstay names such as Current Value, Counterstrike, Dub Elements, Receptor, Agressor Bunx, Maztek, Abis and homegrown Czech talent Computerartist

They’ve continually pushed boundaries, although this is to be expected from a figure like Forbidden Society and as a result, they’ve gained worldwide recognition. 

From Paris to Amsterdam, through to Columbia and Japan, Forbidden Society has brought his explosive presence to a global stage. Also standing as the first Czech producer to be booked for the legendary Pirate Station in Russia, he’s continuing to break the paradigm for his own creative process and in doing so, has engineered a space which has ensured both his longevity and international success.